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I'm Leanna

My goal is to bring enjoyment and engagement into your business's process management journey. Here's the deal - I completely immerse myself in your work processes, equipped with a notebook and a collection of post-it notes. I actively collaborate with your team, carefully study your practices, and piece together the puzzle to achieve an understanding of your operations, enabling your business to scale!

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My Why

My mission revolves around continuous improvement – it's my driving force! I firmly believe that in the world of business processes, there's always room for enhancement, no matter their current state. I dedicate my focus to critical areas such as optimizing time and resource management, eliminating bottlenecks, streamlining redundant tasks, and ensuring that communication flows effortlessly.

With over two decades of experience spanning diverse industries, from travel to corporate non-profits, I carry a versatile toolkit for every situation. I'm deeply committed to fostering a work environment that combines enjoyment, productivity, and adaptability, and I believe that improvement can always find a place within your processes.

Embracing a culture of continuous improvement means that no setback is merely a defeat; it’s an invitation to reevaluate, innovate, and emerge with a stronger, more refined approach

Process improvement isn't just a task, it's a mindset that fuels constant growth and innovation.

  Be loud about the things that are important to you

In the heart of every challenge lies the seed of improvement. Nurture it with change management, and watch your business thrive.

Process improvement is not just about making things better; it's about making better things happen

Success in business isn't about avoiding mistakes; it's about learning from them and using change management to turn them into stepping stones toward progress

In the business world, change is the ultimate makeover artist. Let it paint your success story with vibrant colors of innovation and progress!

Continuous improvement is not just a choice; it's the engine that propels us towards excellence, shaping a future filled with limitless possibilities

Life is a journey, business is too!

Tap into the potential of streamlined processes, enabling well-informed business decisions and the effective utilization of technology to facilitate adaptability. Collaborating with me is your hidden advantage for project success, filled with dynamic brainstorming sessions and innovative problem-solving

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